An interactive schematics editor for your website

I just found this useful plugin that allows any website owner to let its users create schematics / circuits / diagrams online, without the use of any external software.

Based solely on Javascript (Ajax), Webtronics displays an intuitive way for the users to draw electronics circuits on a website. To do that, you have to select an element (such as a Resistor, Capacitor, IC, etc.) then place it on the sheet. Then you can interconnect all the elements like you would do on your circuit board or in your favorite Electronics design software.

Webtronics allows its users to save the schematics (and that’s were the magic comes) into a XML file. In fact, the pictures of the diagram are generated as SVG format (vectorized) therefore making the resulting circuits very easy to edit elsewhere.

It seems that a website using a similar (proprietary) concept has recently opened:
It looks clean and professional.


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