PCB design checklist

Always check if:
– the trace widths are large enough (especially for power nets)
– the traces have the same length (for traces that need to have that feature such as High-Speed lines)
– there are no dead copper on the inner layers
– the silkscreen notations are well positioned
– the pin N°1 marker of symetrical objects is present
– choose Resistors and Capacitors according to voltage and power
– verify if there are any “no-pop” (not populated) elements
– vias are tented (where needed) => export the Gerber file (soldermask) and open it
– unused pins on IC are in good position (High/Low state)
– teardrops are set to better connect the copper
– check that all lines as properly connected to vias (to the center)
– make sure the BGA pads are the right size (soldermask, solderpaste, etc.)
– controlled impedance lines are the right width
– the elements in the BOM file have the right size (for example, a 0603 Resistor in the BOM has a 0603 footprint on the PCB).


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